DevCon 2021 Sessions

This bundle includes all sessions from DevCon 2021, including exclusive access to the following sessions:

  • Intro and Alpha Anywhere New Feature Review
  • Customer Showcases
  • Alpha TransForm New Feature Review
  • Guest Speaker: Eric Kavanagh
  • Alpha Anywhere Roadmap
  • Alpha TransForm Roadmap
  • and A Bit of Fun

About Alpha DevCon 2021

An equal blend of web and mobile development topics, Alpha DevCon 2021 features content and case studies led by experienced Alpha trainers and leading developers.

Topics Covered During the Conference in this Bundle:

  • Product Roadmap
  • Key New Features
  • Developer Showcases
  • Analytics, Dashboards, and Charting
  • API Integration
  • Integrating Branding with Custom Themes
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Alpha Cloud Optimization and Troubleshooting
  • And a bit of fun