Course curriculum

    1. Alpha 102 Introduction

    2. How to use this course

    1. Download Training Files

    2. Training Files Setup

    3. Project Functionality Review

    4. Confirm Development System Version

    1. Customer Invoice Grid

    2. Enhance Customer Invoice Grid

    3. Customer Invoice Header Grid

    4. Customer Invoice Header Grid Enhancements

    5. Grid Row Expander

    1. Create Invoice Items Grid

    2. Enhance Invoice Items Grid

    3. Grid Row Expander Invoice Items Grid

    4. Invoice Items Grid Clean Up and Totals

    1. Modify Customer Grid Row Expander to Linked Grids

    2. Enhance The Linked Grid Presentation

    3. Modify Invoice Header Grid Row Expander to Linked Grids

    4. Add New Grids To Tabbed UI

    1. Using UX Components Linked To Grids

    2. Invoice Header UX Component

    3. Enhance Invoice Header UX Layout

    4. Field Display Formatting

    5. Data Driven Drop Down Box

    6. Lookup Field Technology

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